Baryn Futa is an established and well-respected arts benefactor and appreciator. He has dedicated himself and a great portion of his life to supporting the arts — a deep-running piece of society that often goes without the financial help and appreciation it so richly deserves. For that reason, Futa is sharing why he believes you, too, should support the arts.

Not only do the arts improve overall well being among viewers and artists alike, but they help to unify communities. Research has shown that 72 percent of Americans believe that the arts have the power to unify entire cities and regions regardless of gender, race and other personal differences. Additionally, 73 percent note that the arts provide them with a better understanding of others, whether that’s a fellow man in the community or a culture that existed decades ago. In schools, arts are known to improve academic performance. Unfortunately, art programs are frequently the first cut from a school district’s budget as they focus on core subjects. But a well-rounded art education can lead to higher GPAs and SAT scores while conversely improving dropout rates among students.

While these are just a few of the benefits of the arts, many more exist, and Baryn Futa leads the pack in bringing these attributes to the surface to further gain more support for global arts.