Baryn Futa is a firm advocate for the integral role of the arts within any society. He staunchly believes that art not only reflects a culture but also shapes its identity, making it imperative to safeguard for posterity. While acknowledging the widespread appreciation for the arts, Futa recognizes the limitations faced by many in actively supporting artistic endeavors to the extent required.

Having found himself in a privileged position to contribute, Futa feels a profound sense of responsibility to champion the preservation of art. He contends that the artistic legacy of previous generations serves as a vital link to our past, offering insights into our collective heritage that cannot be replicated by any other means. It is this conviction that propels Futa’s commitment to ensuring the endurance of art for future generations.

Despite coming to his passion for art relatively late in life, Futa’s dedication has been unwavering. His journey began upon retirement when he became involved with the Denver Art Museum (DAM). Immersing himself in the vibrant art community, Futa seized every opportunity to deepen his understanding of artistic expression and history. From attending art fairs to exploring museum exhibitions, he embraced his newfound passion with fervor, making up for lost time with unbridled enthusiasm.